What should I write about?

I sit to write something,
But not sure about what to write.
Should I write the tale of my heart,
Or is it too cheesy to start?
Should I write about all the things I do?
Hoping someone would follow the suit.
Or should I write about how I slip
Into the sessions of daydreaming trips?
Should I write about the mind and its antics
Of how it is the root of all the sufferings?
Or should I take a step out and away from me,
Into nature, of birds and the swaying trees?
Should I write about the lessons of the universe,
Or should I just compose the poem verse by verse?
Or should I just let it go,
Write and erase and write and throw?
I do want to write about something,
Of all the things that my mind is brewing!

2 responses to “What should I write about?”

  1. Everything you write is interesting!


    1. Thanks love šŸ˜˜


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