Holding on too tight

Unknown, not expected
Turning point in life
Something that shook things up
Something that made me realize
I wasn’t prepared for this
Nor in my wildest dreams
A tough decision to make
A truth that I can’t admit
My whole world turned upside down
Unbelievable, unacceptable, unimagined
What a situation I’ve found!
I can’t comprehend
Why did this happen to me?
Not able to fathom
Not ready to accept
I don’t want this in my life
I am ready to fight
I want to resist
I want to hide
Somehow if I hold it tight
I might be able to make it go away
But by forcing it to vanish
By resisting the tide
It has stayed with me long enough
To poison my insides
What I once use to laugh at
Now I just jump and snap
The venom is spilling from within
Casing all the good around
It is as if I have started wearing
A frame of negativity over my eyes
Blinding me from all the good
That my closed-ones devise
I am so full of poison from holding on
I return their love with spite!

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