In fifty years

In fifty years
the sun will still brighten up the earth’s face
the winds will still make the leaves dance with grace
the moon will still change its phases from full to none and back
the rivers will still run, rumbling in their track
the oceans will still swell and surge
the day and night will continue to merge
the mountain will continue to overlook the valleys
the seasons will continue their never-ending rally
the birds will still chirp all day long
the rains will still compose their own song
the clouds will still hover above the lands
the time will still run at the flow of sands
the rainbow will still dance at the song of thunder
the nights will still be filled with wonder
the nature will still move at its own pace
the man, however, will still run its race
you and I won’t be there to see
only now is the time for us to be
we can either spend time in petty things
layered with ego and live grudging
or walk the earth with joy and fulfilled
doing things that leaves us thrilled
for in fifty years, the earth will remain the same as past
but we definitely would have breathed our last!

2 responses to “In fifty years”

  1. So true we are petty


    1. Well, we are not petty… but we tend to forget the bigger picture.. and get entangled in the inconsequential things…


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