I am not like you

I am not like you,
Neither like how you think I am;
I am a grand collection of things,
Of experiences that my life brings.

I am not here to fit,
Neither am I here to misfit;
I am here to experience life,
Through the lens of my tiny eye.

I understand things differently,
And I may react weirdly;
Because my triggers are apart,
Not matching your part.

Different things matter to me,
I have different priorities;
I live my life through the art,
Painted in vivid colors by my past.

I try my best to cope,
To not hurt, to not fail;
Yet things may go astray,
And that’s fine too,
For I know I am a WIP.

I am changing for the better,
Better – that fits my definition;
Filtering through my unique prism,
Dispersing the unruly colors
On the canvas of my soul,
Absorbing and adjusting as I go.

4 responses to “I am not like you”

  1. Master Artist 🔥


  2. Wonderful poem, everyone is uniquely beautiful soul and here for a unique purpose!


    1. Absolutely!!! Thank you!


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