Dancing Wild

Dancing wild
With the wind
Wild and immersed
Gracefully swaying
Immersed in the moment
Without a care
Moment of peace
In the chaotic world
Peace of being
Breathing and existing
Being the true self
The universe’s favorite
Self without exceptions
Of ifs and buts
Exceptions and lies
Taught from birth
Lies that tear at the heart
Go on to rip the world apart
Heart that once was pure
Untainted and divine
Pure as the Universe
Yet muddied and pained
Universe whispers to thee
In this moment of peace
Thee are pure love
At the core of the turmoil
Love that transcends all
The unrest and upturns
All you have to do is dance
With the wild wind
Dance immersed in the moment
Swaying gracefully without a care

2 responses to “Dancing Wild”

  1. ❤️❤️


    1. Thank you Arish ❤️


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