Hey baby

Hey baby
I know you have been hurt
You’ve been played and ignored
I know you have a thousand words
To be heard and told
Words of comfort and love
Words making you feel belonged

I remember vividly
How you used to glance
From behind a curtain
Longing to be called out
In absence, playing solo
With your little toy
Or being lost in your thoughts

I know
It’s a big bad world
But you didn’t need to face it so young
It was your time to grow and blossom
It was your time to be carefree
Have fun

You didn’t have to go through all that alone
Not knowing what to do
Not know who to approach
Placing your trust in the wrong person
Being left all alone

But love
Don’t fret anymore
Don’t be upset henceforth
I am here to hold your hand
I am here to guide you through
Holding you close
Never letting you go

Let it all go
Let it be in the past
I am here for you now
I promise I will be with you until last
I promise to take your side
Never let that dimpled smile
Get wiped

2 responses to “Hey baby”

  1. Good one 👍


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