Should I wait for you?

By Jess J-Marie

Should I wait for you,
Or should I start walking?
I do want to stop for you
Yet I am not sure
If that’s what you want too!

There are onlookers
What will they make of it?
Am I thinking too much
Am I fussing a little too bit?

I don’t want it to be apparent
Maybe I should stop
To inspect the ground
Or halt and tie my laces
That would look natural
Yes! That’s what I’ll do!

But wait!
My shoes don’t have strings
Neither is the ground interesting
I am sure, I’ll give away
A glimpse of my feelings

Perhaps I should start
Walking a little slower
Giving you an option
To catch up, if you want

Maybe you’ll walk a little faster
Maybe you don’t care
What it looks like to others
Or just you’re more confident
Than I ever will be!

So I put my head down
And walk a little heavily
I can feel your gaze
On my back
And your questioning eyes

That’s when I realize
You are as shaky as I am
You are as unsure as I am
And that’s when I think
Damn! I should have just waited!
Sending you the right signals
Edging you further on

But well, this opportunity is lost
Wasted over insecurities
And questioning minds
Nevertheless, I still look forward
To waiting for you when I reach

Maybe then you’ll be able to see
My heart flutter
On your sight
A skipped heartbeat
Or two!

And finally you’ll realize
I am waiting for you
To make a move
My answer is yes!
With a smile
And a groove!

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