The winds of triumph

Over the mountains and hills
They blow; rolling and rollicking
They flow; carrying along with them
The stories of time; in their hearts
Worth a thousand dimes.

Painting pictures in blue and white
On mirrored lakes; rippling through
The sunny graze; of the tales of dumb
And not so wise; the considered clowns
And their rise; of their struggle
And victory over their minds.

Emerging from the darkened
Plain of toils; tumbling the windmills
And the green foils; forging its way
Through the distress; and along with it
The ego and the emotions less.

Weakening and straightening, the ups
And downs; doubting and conquering
The war of paths; battling both
Inside and out! Yet it remains constant
Without a doubt!

Losing the sight, of goals
And the light; swelling and descending
Remembering itself; undeterred
Yet wavering, through perseverance and
Hesitations, it triumphed!
And found; Itself! surrounded by
Joy, unconditional love
And happiness; All within!

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