A Mind-full Drive

As I set to drive
Drive my beautiful car
On the familiar road
Road that takes me far

A dialogue starts in my mind
Mind full of thoughts
Thinking of things random
Random wars it fought

Wandering into the past
Past moments that trigger
The situations of could be
Be it my home or salary figure

It slips into the fairy tales
Tales heard across the oceans
From one scene to more
More of all the motions

Then again I remind him
Him being my mind
To concentrate on the drive
Drive safely or be fined!

Few split seconds after
After the careful drive
Again it starts to wander
Wander is where it thrives!

Oh I could have said this instead
Instead I could have worn that dress
It runs all over the place
Place that is a big mess

All along the way it plays
Plays a game of drive and think
Always trying to be somewhere
Somewhere to find the missing link

Arriving at the destination
Destination finale of my trip
But the mind is yet to wind up
Wind up it’s thinking drip!

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