I Found A Tape

I found a tape,
A tape of the past,
I didn’t want to play,
But I couldn’t last.

It brought memories,
Of the forgotten days;
And a silent tear,
On the smiling face.

Rekindling the feelings,
Which lay graved,
Under layer of healings;
Which readily caved!

Playing over and over,
Messing with my head;
Ensuring a thick cover,
Of dazy days ahead.

It pulls me in the past,
It drags me to the times;
Where I would doubt,
Everything me and mine.

But I am stronger around,
I am stronger than last time;
The new me has found,
A stunning new rhyme!

So I stop the tape,
I exit the blurry clouds;
What determination it takes!
But now I can laugh out loud.

4 responses to “I Found A Tape”

  1. you are recording a better tape for future 🙂


    1. True. Thank you!


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