Hey! I am smart!

Hey! I am smart – Ich bin klug!
I know everything that happens – ¡Verdad!
I know the ins and outs of things – Yes!
Who knows how universe works? – Guess!

From A to Z and 1 to infinity – Count!
From past to present and future – Out!
An answer to all your questions – Ask!
In the eternal glory I – Bask!

From the beginnings of the Big Bang – Boom!
All the way to the tiniest particle – Quarks!
To the deepest part of the ocean – Trench!
Réponses à toutes les questions – It’s French!

It’s all just a piece of cake – Cheesecake!
It’s all so obvious and transparent – Not Opaque!
Man! I sure am a know it all – ¡Lo sé todo!
Maybe It’s because of my third-eye – Who knows!

4 responses to “Hey! I am smart!”

  1. Yeah you know all 😊


  2. Niccccceeeeeeee !!!


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