Climbing the Mountain

High up
I climbed on
Until the peak
Of the mountain
Through its winding
And ever twisting roads
Through the deep dark tunnels
Driving on the edge of the valleys
Navigating the u-pin bends as I drive
With music blasting through the speakers
And the laughing and chattering of my friends
The holiday excitement that winds up our hearts
Waving to the tiny homes on the fields as we pass by
Clicking pictures of the ravines and the ranges alongside
Free from the worries of the monotonous life that we left behind
Along with the city traffic and work stress that appears so far fetched
Among the green tress and musical waterfalls we ride into the peaceful bliss

6 responses to “Climbing the Mountain”

  1. Brings back all trekking memories 😍


  2. Mountains are calling and I must go


  3. Well written Zil…👍
    I am a nature lover person and love traveling as well…😇


    1. Thank you!!! Keep traveling!


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