I wore a hat

I wore a hat, a yellow hat,
With a big bow on the rim.
A floppy hat, A pretty hat,
Oh! With a lovely brim!

I wore a hat, a shady hat,
To keep me from the sun.
A huge hat, a fashionable hat,
Yay! Let’s have some beach fun!

I wore a hat, a plush hat,
In the speeding winds,
A flying hat, a twisting hat,
Quick! Grab it by it’s hinds!

I wore a hat, a lost hat,
Flapping over the sea,
A soaring hat, a missing hat,
Look! There it goes in glee!

10 responses to “I wore a hat”

  1. We all have to wear many hats in several stages, doesn’t matter when you change into another keep moving, happiness is ultimate 😊


  2. Awesome


  3. Memories have a way of being in your Life !
    It comes in different ways in different things attached to different emotions !
    Not everyone would know what brings you what memories !

    But I would say keep making them !

    Nicely Done !


  4. We have to wear many hats in our life to perform different roles as per the situation….πŸ˜‡
    Be Positive…πŸ‘
    Always Keep Smiling….πŸ˜€


  5. Good, Zil! You seem to own many a Hat.
    For every Occasion that you may be at.
    Your hat is your crown, by your hat you swear
    But, a hat is something I am too shy to wear.


    1. Wow. Thank you Mukund!


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