Upholding me!

I am a colorful rainbow,
Shaded by beliefs and experiences;
Of all the things I went through,
And all the perspectives I grew.

A collection of years of living,
A unique personality brewing;
Layers within layers to reveal,
And so many feelings to feel.

Yet you want to repaint me,
Remodel me and retrain me;
Fit me into your notional idea,
Of the person, I should be!

Discarding my personality,
Disregarding my dreams;
Disowning my true self,
To adhere to your realms.

Is this what you want?
Is this what you seek?
Trampling the blooming chance,
For you to not appear weak!

3 responses to “Upholding me!”

  1. Swami Brahmavidananda Avatar
    Swami Brahmavidananda

    Very well said.


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