Arboreal Talks

I see you running around, thinking
What I do is important, creating
Artificial emergencies, obsessing
Over artificial deadlines.

I stand and bloom, yet you
Keep moving, prioritizing
Unnecessary things, searching
For peace in wrong places.

I blossom and enjoy, you
tour and try, I go
Through spring and ice, bury
My roots deep and nice.

Little do you realize, peace
Lies in stillness, the eternal
Graceful sways to the rhythm
Of wind that blows.

Not in the ever marching legs, rolling
And frolicking, wandering
Minds and talks, searching
From branch to branch.

3 responses to “Arboreal Talks”

  1. Life in a circle!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It felt as if you are talking to me and i am listening to you with my heads down because every single word is soo daam true


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