I overcompensate, I overshare,
I try to fill in the silence;
And want to make me seem
Like a person for whom
The world would really care.

I try to be nice
By going out of my zone;
Give multiple chances,
To people who don’t deserve!

Not saying no,
And always going overboard,
Giving when I don’t have,
Shooting myself in the leg,
For love that isn’t even there!

Trying to be all positive,
Ignoring the red flags,
Investing myself completely,
Even though I fully know
It is never going to end well.

Gone is that she, Who puts
Others before herself,
Smiling and declining,
At the first red flag.

No longer caring,
What the world thinks;
No longer wanting
To be the nice link.

Only she matters,
And so does her peace;
No more is she afraid,
To lose a person in her life,
She’s here to more than survive!

6 responses to “She!”

  1. I’m in love with the writer


  2. I’m in love with the “SHE”

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  3. The correct description of how SHE should BE…

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