Master Mind

I want to be in the moment,
Yet you drag me away;
Showing what is not,
You make me sway.
Constantly running and
Brooding over and over;
You make me think
A thousand things a day.

All I want is peace,
All I want is to be;
Yet you magnify my fears,
And always make a way.
What if this and what if that,
You paint pictures
Which never may!

I say, let me take charge,
Let me not be your slave.
And you make sure
To put up a tough fight,
To keep your place.

Yes, you’re important,
Yes, you’re vital;
And yet there are things
You can’t comprehend,
As much as you may.

6 responses to “Master Mind”

  1. Nice One!


  2. An eloquent piece, as clear and pure as you are.


    1. Thank you so much Mansha!!!


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