Fixing Life

I think I need to fix it,
There’s something broken it seems;
Is it me or is it life,
Or is it everything in between?

I have an urge to find a solution,
To a question or a problem
Which exists only in my mind,
And yet it seems so real.

Being constantly in the fight or flight mode,
Trying to figure out ways to survive,
Trying to prove my worth,
Trying to convince that I deserve.

Trapped in the mind,
With the barriers of fear,
Which barely exist,
And yet, I am here!

Does life means always struggling?
Always trying to find a solution?
Or is it about experiencing the freefall,
And taking it as it comes!

Well, nothing really is broken,
Nothing needs fixing,
I am as whole as I can be;
Like a blossoming cherry tree.

I am free of the prison,
The fear in me that evoke;
Just by walking the Earth,
I deserve the very best of the whole!

10 responses to “Fixing Life”

  1. Waahhhh.. very well written..

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  2. Awesome. Keep writing

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  3. i cant believe…how precise and on point is this!!!💓

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  4. Excellent work dear Zil👍👏👏


  5. Well written.


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