It’s not me!

I had so much to say,
So many memories to make;
So eager to turn them all,
Into reality, this fall!

But hey look, it was all in my head,
Everything that I felt;
Maybe, you are not who I think you are,
Maybe, it was just who I wanted you to be!

I thought I spoiled it all,
I thought I made a huge mess;
It was my fault that drove you away,
And because of me, there you’ll stay.

But wait, do I have to be guilty of being me?
Do I have to walk on ice for you?
Do I have to be someone who I am not?
All for the moments in my thoughts!

I think it’s not fair blaming myself,
I am amazing the way I am!
I know I am the best version of me,
And I deserve to be accepted just like that!

If you are not ready for who I am,
Well, then we are not meant to be;
Maybe we come from different realms,
And there is where we shall be!

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