It’s not you, It’s me!

When I see you, it’s sad, You obviously need some help, Even though you don’t think that’s true, But I can see it all through.

I can see your mind angry, I can feel your cry for help; It’s clearly visible how you avoid things, And people betrayed, this is how you felt.

Like you said, letting go is freedom, Move on, and take the leap; But deep down, you still hurt, Whilst sitting alone and thinking, Yet you do a good job of covering it up.

I feel sad for you, seeing you suffer silently, I feel concerned and responsible. But wait, let me look at myself, first; All this is just my reflection, isn’t it possible?

Aren’t I the one who is trying to hold on? Don’t I require my attention first? Don’t I have to learn to let go, take that leap? Don’t I require to heal my hurt?

And that is when I realized, I have my own path to carve, I have my own way to go, I am responsible for myself first. And I am going to work on me, Until that hurt is reversed.

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