Some goodbyes are forever

Not everyone stays in our life forever. Some people need to leave. Some are literally kicked out. Others, well, we really want them with us forever, but somehow we find them leaving. We want to hold them tight, try every possible way to keep them, even change ourselves, be ready to cut-off other relations for their sake. But in the end, the destiny wins.

Withdrawn and helpless, we have no option left but to accept it and try to move on. We lose hope. But we really have nothing under our control.

Resigned, we try to cope up with their loss. We make our-selves busy in work. We don’t let ourselves have any idle time. Get up, work, eat, sleep, repeat. This becomes our mantra. Never stopping, never resting. Never giving our-selves a moment to think. Acting as if everything is normal.

Many of us have gone through such pattern in our life. We just run away from the truth. Try to put it on the back burner. We don’t think we have the strength to face it. We just don’t want to face it. We think with time, it will go away.

What we really forget is time doesn’t really heal it. it just makes it worse. What we really need is it acknowledge the loss and let it go.

Let go of the version of the future we created with them in it. Realize that the time with them has come to an end. Let the mind not drag you back to the past. Sure, they were some really amazing moments, irreplaceable memories with them. But do not let the mind win. It will try it’s best to drown you in the past. The more you want to let go, the more it will bring up pieces of the past, fragments of the imagined future. With every little thing, it will remind you of them.

Don’t let it win. This life is a collection of experiences specially designed for you. Know that this beautiful experience has come to an end. But don’t miss the beginning of another equally thrilling experience waiting for you. Live in the present and make the most of it. That’s the only place where things actually happen!

For the leaving friend:
Adios amigo! Times spent with you will always be fondly remembered.

4 responses to “Some goodbyes are forever”

  1. Wow well said Zilu


  2. 👍


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