Key to finding solutions

Finally, it was a holiday for the children living in the building. They had decided to contribute 10 rupees each and pool the funds to have a small picnic at the garden. This was not like the garden near their building. it was a big one with lot of space, more slides and fun equipments to play with.

They were so excited to start their little trip. But somebody had to take care of the money. Well, usually girls are the responsible ones. So, there she took the lead to keep their small wealth safe while they played and got dirty with joy.

They screamed, ran, jumped, raced, hanged from the bars and played a lot of games. During break, they had some snacks and lemonade from the nearby street vendor. Everything was going great until it was time to go back home.

Thoroughly exhausted and tired, the children were looking to hire a rickshaw to get them back home. But Alas! the money kept safe for the ride was missing! The girl might have dropped the money while playing. The kids, without blaming her or trying to make up “should have’s”, decided to look for an alternate solution. Beat and drained, they finally started walking towards the home. And the incident turned into a fond memory to cherish!

However, if same things happen with us today? what do we do? Start the blame game rather than finding the solutions. Playing the “if only this had been done” games and using our hindsight biases!

Some people might even take the blame and hold themselves responsible for every small mistake. They repeat thousands of apologies and beat their confidence up.

Instead of looking forward for the solutions, we dwell in what has happened. Due to this, even if the solution is crystal clear and simple, our cloudy mind cannot fathom it and we are stuck, making a simple matter thousand times bigger.

The clearer the mind, the easier the solution.

Clear thinking and focusing on what is required rather than what is done is the key to finding solutions to any issues.

Write down the outcomes you want. Practically asses your options. Having biases and unclear emotions will only make you go round in circles. No matter what, stay focused on your goals. Let your mind be still and it will gradually become clear. Then solution is bound to come to you!

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