Weeding your subconscious

Every incident matters. It leaves an everlasting trace on you. No matter how small, and no matter how insignificant. You are changing every single minute. Each encounter leaves an impact on you.

You are nothing but a collection of events since birth and beyond.

Every event that happened to you has shaped you in some way or the other. Some things leave a profound impact on you, others, subtle. Do not underestimate the subtle influences, they tend to seep into your subconscious without a sound. They stay there and start growing roots, etching themselves firmly, difficult to remove.

How you behave in each situation depends on these past experiences. It depends on what you saw, what you heard, what you felt, what you tasted, how you were encouraged, all the senses together. And these form a pattern. These patterns become you, defines your personality.

Oh, she is always over-caring, fussing over like a parent. Yeah. Right. Because either she has experienced the same from someone in the past and does not know how not to do it or knows the lack of it and does not want you to go through the same.

That is why it is always said, the children learn more a lot from their parents. And truly, whatever we learn, feel, hear in childhood makes a lifelong impact on us. It makes us who we are today, how we react to different situations.

A person who knows only cruelty, will be cruel. A person who knows only abandonment, will run away from people. A person who knows only violence, will be violent. So, it is on us to show them there’s alternatives. It might be difficult to remove the deeply etched weeds from their subconscious. But at least we know they need help.

Even with ourselves, we can consciously identify these traits and find their
roots. Once we know from where it stems, we can actively work to remove them from our subconscious.

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