You are what you give away

We all have judged someone one time or the other. Oh, she is good. Yeah, He’s snazzy. Well, I wish he were more intelligent. And we all subconsciously continue to do so.

But have we ever though what kind of person we are? No, really? Have we ever? I am sure a lot of us think we are such a good person and what we do is always right. And we can never find faults in ourselves.

The whole world is full of faults, except us! Oh, the ego!

Have you ever given it a moment’s thought, who we really are? We do want all good things for ourselves. Even with the people we love, there is always an opinion of what is right and what is wrong. But do we know what kind of person we really are?

Well, if you are even slightly curious to know more about yourself, it is a very simple yet powerful way. All you need to do is keep an open mind.

You are what you give away.

Observe your first thought you have when you look at a person, or a thing. Is it good? Is it bad? Do you think the person is too lazy? Or is he too dumb? Do you consider yourself smarter than him? Are you really smarter than him? Well, your ego definitely says that! But the reality is lost in the veil of your ego.

All day observe the kind of thoughts you have for different things. If you want, you can write them down in a journal and analyze them. Specially the thoughts that you do not speak out loud are a reflection of your true self.

So if you are giving away judgments, you are judgmental. If you are giving away anger, you are an angry person. If you are giving away happiness, you are a happy person. If you are giving away sleazy comments, you are sleazy.

Always remember, you can only recognize those things or feelings in other person, if you possess those. A truly honest man never thinks anyone else is dishonest. Similarly, a thief always thinks everyone else is here to steal.

It is ok to find out that you are not the person you really thought you are. At least you recognize yourself now and know where you need to work. You are what your experiences made you. And so are the others. So, stop judging people based on your experiences. Let them deal with things based on theirs.

Be kind, be forgiving, be open minded.
Remember at the end we all are just humans.

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