Are you just an option?

You feel special, you feel adored,
Absolutely cared for,
Spoiled to the core.
Your every word is heard,
Your every emotion explored.
Happy happy little birdie,
In their presence, you soar.
Yet something keeps nagging,
Something doesn’t seem right.
There are times when you feel,
Completely ignored.
All the limelight, and all the focus,
Once uphill, all go down the road.
They call you and talk,
But only when they want.
In their times of need,
You are their clipboard.
For other times, well,
You are just floored.
A hundred excuses,
And a thousand lies,
Some, you can identify,
Others hit bullseye.
Yet you keep returning,
Hoping to go back,
Once again to feel wanted,
Back to being their priority.
Only little do you know,
For them, its dusted and done,
Well, you are just a break,
An option to have all the fun!

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