Grounding Is Important

Such a simple and effective way to stay grounded! Can be done anywhere and anytime! Mindfulness is all it takes!

Be Inspired..!!

Grounding is THE key to emotional and energetic balance. It means that you are present in your body and firmly connected to the Earth. Grounding is especially important for people with high-sensitivity (HSP – highly sensitive people). With good grounding, you can keep your balance, be fully present in the here and now and bring in all of your spiritual gifts.

Let’s say that you are highly sensitive and that you pick up energies, emotions and even thoughts from other people. Besides that, you are dealing with your own thoughts, emotions and energies. Sounds a bit busy, doesn’t it? There are two things going on here. One: your mind, emotions and energy field are processing a lot more than they can comfortable handle. They are ‘full’ or even ‘overloaded’. Two: you cannot distinguish anymore what is yours and what is not. No wonder you feel emotional, overwhelmed and tired! Good…

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