Wondering oh why!

At the foot of the hill,
Looking up in the sky;
Sits a girl by the window,
Wondering oh why!

Do I have to follow the rules
That societies claim?
Why can’t I be just myself?
Rather than being tame?

Doing what I like,
And speaking my heart;
Isn’t that the purpose of life
From the very start?

Following the same rules,
Cannot make us unique;
Yet so different are we,
Thinks every rule freak!

Working hard day in and out,
And with pride they shout;
But have they ever looked at
The rules with an inch of a doubt!

I don’t want to be one of them,
I don’t want to flow with the crowd;
But will they spare me the judgment
For voicing against – so loud!

And just like that wondering, she sat,
Looking up in the sky;
By the window at the foothills,
Wondering oh why!

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