Six Strings of a Guitar

The gap between her fingers was never a trivial matter for her. But now she kept stretching her fingers every now and then hoping somehow it will help her to reach the damn fourth fret of her guitar. The guitar that has become her best friend – accompanying her in times good and lonely, the guitar that she has grown to love in such a short span of time.

These days, she is more focused on learning and growing in all possible aspects that she can think of. From trying her hand at pool table to salsa to being spiritual to meeting new people – things which were always on her to do list but never had the courage to try. But her favorite so far is – hands down – her guitar!

So why this sudden change in her attitude for trying new things now? Didn’t she always knew that life is short and with the amount of things on her to do list, she will never complete even if she starts right away! What was it that shook her out of the stupor of routine she had fallen into?

Her curiosity started getting the better out of her. All she wants to do now is explore! When she looks at world now, she can see the endless possibilities that can be rather. She can see herself as the only limiting factor there is.

Aren’t we all a little like that? Limited by ourselves and so involved in our own thoughts of right and wrong that we forget to see beyond. We are so comfortable in our routines and egos and limits set by ourselves that we actually forget to live!

Life is nothing but a collection of experiences – both good and bad. While we enjoy the good ones, why do we condemn the bad ones? Why do we let them define who we are instead of seeking the endless possibilities that can be?

A lot of people might hate philosophy. They might think this is such a waste of time and I couldn’t agree more. After all, it’s just same old things being said in different ways and everyone has their own version!

But for her, it’s like her guitar – the same 6 strings can play innumerable beautiful songs and yet everyone has their own favorite!

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