Don’t Lust, Grow!


A thousand suns are still insufficient for the insatiable minds.

Isn’t that true? When all we want is more and more, we can never be satisfied. But is it wrong to ask for more? It’s that a way of moving ahead in your life? We don’t want stagnation in our lives. All of us want to grow, be in a better place, have a better life.

So why asking for more is wrong? Or is it?

Getting straight to the point, I think it is not wrong to ask for more. We are all here to experience different thing, to learn, to grow, to mature. So being on a quest for more is normal. But what kills the spirit is while always trying to grow, we forget to enjoy what we have.

Looking at other people’s castles, we cannot stamp on our own houses.

Remember, each one of us has a different journey, a unique one. We meet people on our way. They become our friends, our partners, our supporters, our well-wishers. But all of us have to carve our own growth chart.

Just because Dubai sounds like such an amazing city and she lives in it, I bet, she is living the life to the fullest – enjoying. Oh my God! – she must be so happy there. I too want to go there. Have that life she is living.

Well, Hold your horses. One thing I have realized is – no matter where you stay or what you do, you always have similar struggles to face. Because you are still you. You just cannot run away from problems. They are there for a reason. They want you to learn. They want you to grow. They are your stepping stones to success!

So, growth, to me is internal – where you learn to overcome your problems, expand your mindset, where you grow as a person. Sure, materialism is necessary too. But that will always be overshadowed by personal growth.

So next time, if you see someone’s sparkling dazzling life, calm down. Don’t lust after it. Appreciate what you got. Work towards your goals. Slowly but steadily, you will get what you want.

Remember, in the end, even the waves of the great oceans cannot hasten their pace!


18 responses to “Don’t Lust, Grow!”

  1. Motivational


  2. Nailed it 🎯 so true & relatable ❤


  3. The best part which i feel true is “while always trying to grow, we forget to enjoy what we have” Evryone feels “I’ll grow when only i have more” and that Lust of Getting one more causes trouble.
    Btw Zil i love your blogs, keep smiling keep writing. 👍


    1. Thank you so much Mitesh!! Your feedback is much appreciated and what inspires me to write more!


  4. Very true Zil…..💪


    1. Thank you so much..!!♥♥♥


  5. I needed a reminder of this today! Enjoy what you have, im going to do exactly that!!


    1. I am glad it helped you..!


  6. Nice nice.. carry on..


  7. superb… can learn many things from this


  8. True indeed.
    Everyone have their own time zone on success path.


  9. Motivational 👍


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