Break That Pattern – Part 1


Today I want to tell you a story – Story of a girl who was beautiful, strong, talented and Miss perfectionist!

She was 14 years old. Always a topper in the class. Any extra-curricular activity and she was the first to participate. The ideal student. All the teachers loved her. One would think she will grow into someone talented and successful women.

But only little did they know what the fate has.

At home, she had to look after all her siblings – cook, clean and is only then allowed to go to school. Any small mistake, and she was blamed, humiliated. Always made to feel that it was her fault. She was responsible for the whole household chores from that tiny age.

Imagine the age when we all are studying, throwing tantrums, playing, getting things we wanted and she was there at home working and making sure she doesn’t get scolded.

To make matters worse, she wasn’t allowed to attend college citing that no need to study. Sit at home and look after your brothers and sisters. And finally, when the time came, she was married off to some guy who she didn’t even like. She protested. But all she heard was – this is it. You have no other option.

Well, let’s just say that guy turned out to be an asshole. Doing things he liked and when pointed out, the blame automatically went to his wife. And the bigger point was people actually believed. Yeah – She is the one who wants all that, she is the one who made him do. She was too scared to fight back and endured all in silence.

Little by little her confidence was chipped away. All her self-respect lost. All she had was self-doubt.

Imagine – all her dreams, her abilities, her talents – all washed away.

To this date, if something happens – It might just not be her fault at all – in no way and yet she automatically starts taking the blame on herself. Getting angry about things which don’t matter. Fed up of everyone constantly blaming her for everything.

Sometimes you’d be surprised – where the hell did that come from? I never did blame her for anything. But you don’t realize what’s the back story is.

Well, we all do have similar traits, some patterns which we assume automatically – it can be anything – taking blames, fear of loss, running away or simply being always late! Sure it is said history repeats itself – but let circumstances define that – not you.

A lot of us just assume things in our mind rather than seeking the truth. Making our own conclusions. Living in that same bubble. I’d really say – stop and think. Seek the truth – and who knows you might just be completely wrong!

The good times are out there – waiting for you if only you let go!

PS: Wait for the next post to know how to break free!


31 responses to “Break That Pattern – Part 1”

  1. Dharmesh Lunawat Avatar
    Dharmesh Lunawat

    The story of every girl in india.

    But you beautifully summaries the thing.

    Nice work dear


    1. Dharmesh I don’t know in which part of India do you reside, but were I reside in INDIA girls are not treat like that for sure.


      1. Ankit, I would like to disagree, There are so many girls in India who still face this. Maybe not around you or in Mumbai. But there are…


  2. “The good times are out there – waiting for you if only you let go!”



  3. Positive attitude


  4. Really good story zilmil!!!!


    1. Thank you so much Sanju!


  5. Nicely written


  6. Nicely written


  7. The express is at best! Eagerly waiting for the next part!! Great going Zil!!


    1. Thank you so much Vishal!!


  8. Let us break free together! 🙂


  9. Very nice Zil, keep it up ❤️


  10. tats pretty true story… but this is usually happening in villages… people in good cities now are getting well verse of girls importance… but must say nicely written


    1. True. You never know what happens between four walls of the house…
      Thank you anyways.


  11. I couldn’t stop reading! Very engaging! Can’t wait for part 2


  12. Meghna Pithadia Avatar
    Meghna Pithadia

    Amazing zil!


  13. The story of many girls in our country.
    Hope this will cause many people to open their eyes!
    Good work dear. Waiting for the next one 🙂


  14. Masstt🙈


  15. Every word is woven with such an ease & put across a simple yet significant thought.
    So looking forward 😍 to the next post.


    1. Thank you so much Bijal 😘😘


  16. Every word is woven with such an ease & put across a simple yet significant thought.
    So looking forward 😍 to the next post.


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