Have a Magical Day – Every Day!

Magical day

Life is never one smooth journey. There are always ups and downs in life. Everyone has both good and bad phases in life. The good phases make happy memories. The bad phases obliviate them!!

“Everything happens for a good reason” or “God / Universe always has your back”.

In my mind, I always think – are these just words people say to comfort us or is it part of a giant plan which ultimately leads to happiness? In any case, don’t these words somehow feel so empty and fake when we are grieving?

“Bad times show who your true friends are” or “bad times bring out the best in you”.

All that people say is bullshit. It’s like there is nothing else left and nothing matters anymore. No amount of comforting words can pierce our sorrows. We are drowning in our own sea of melancholy – deeper and deeper and getting obsessed with it.

We become blind to all the good things around us and focus only on the things that we lost – suddenly we start to remember every sad thing that ever happened! I say blind, oblivious, partial – because the good things are always there – they have always been there. We just stop noticing them.

Do we really want to come out of this stupid pit of endless sorrow and self-pity that we have fallen into? Hell yes! Do we know how?? Ummm… Not really.

Here’s a very simple and straightforward way to it – Just shift your focus! Become blind to the sorrows and concentrate on the good things – NOW! That’s a simple and effective way to remain happy. Focus on that friend who is always there for you, that book which can make you travel in time, that happy memory that brings the smile to your face!

In fact, you don’t even have to imagine anything. Just look around! Be in the present – there are so many things you take for granted – the bed we sleep in, the food we eat, the amazing people in our lives, the job we still have, or simply our heartbeats.

By the way, did you notice the amazing dress that your colleague has worn today? Go, go – compliment her!

I strongly believe – it’s the small little things like these in life that matter the most – a stranger’s smile, a compliment, a child’s laughter, a helping hand, random call from your friends, a good laugh over a small joke – it can make your day!

Just being in the present – really opening our eyes, looking at the things around us, being grateful for things we still have! – It’s amazing how it can pull you out of your sorrows and magically make your day!

So, let’s have a magical day – every day!

Be happy today and always! – You deserve it!

8 responses to “Have a Magical Day – Every Day!”

  1. I liked it. Useful thoughts👍
    Thanks for sharing


    1. Thank you for your comments !


  2. You are improving. Good job!


  3. Good going. Keep it up


  4. Nice Zil . Good start …


    1. Thank you so much!


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