You are a Star – Literally!

Visualize this. You are sitting on your window at night – gazing out at the beautiful night sky above you. Look at those millions of shiny sparkling stars. How amazing they look. Just staring at them gives you a feeling of peace. Those beautiful specs of fire and dust – so far away and yet they can spread calmness all over you. You can feel it in your breath – all those feelings – Peace, Calmness, Stillness – and you are finally home.

Isn’t it amazing how these things that are so far away can have that effect on you?


Now imagine if I tell you that you too are made of the same stuff as those stars, those calming, peaceful elements that it radiates. The Stardust. Wow! Hell yes! I am made up of stardust and I am a star! And so are you! Now a lot of people might think this is crap. I have gone crazy. But what I am talking is an actual scientific theory. There are a lot of studies by the astronomy department that proves it. It all boils down to the Big Bang Theory and the Nuclear Fusion.

Let’s not get into the nitty-gritty of science but hold that amazing feeling that we had just found! Every one of us is as unique as those stars.

Now you might ask – Isn’t it too dreamy? What happens when we wake up, snap out of this dream?

Let me tell you this – Yes, it does sound whimsical and so different from reality. In reality, we are humans who have real-life problems like feeding the kids, earning money, getting through the day. And we have to do this all day, every day till we perish.

But wait. Is this what we want our life to be? Is this what we were meant to do?

Let’s remember, we are made of stardust!

That. Magical. Stardust.

We all have the capacity to be something so much more than we are right now. No matter where we are and what we are doing. We all can be so much more. All we need to do is believe in the magic we possess. We need to remember every minute how very special we are. And that my dear friends, is the secret to all our happiness.

So, just let go of the fears. Trust yourself. Acknowledge that everyone around is special. You are special and just as magical and beautiful as those stars out there!


PS: If you really want to read about the scientific studies, please look at the below links:

7 responses to “You are a Star – Literally!”

  1. Bijal Viswadia Avatar
    Bijal Viswadia

    Mesmerized by your writing, way to girl


    1. Thank you so much Bijal. And thank you for being an inspiration as well!


  2. Great Zil!

    A very nice correlation of science and positivity! Keep writing!


  3. Great Zil!

    A very nice correlation of science with positivity!


    1. I am glad you liked it. Thank you!


  4. Nicely written 👏👏
    I guess you are made from Orion😂


    1. Ha ha ha. Thank you!


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