DREAM – How Real it can get!

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Dream – It is the way to improve ourselves. It is something that gives us hope. Always have a happy dream. It matters a lot. Define your dream. Define yourself. Know yourself. Know what you want. Love it with all your heart. Love yourself with all your heart. Accept yourself – for you are the best that there can be! You are only one of a kind – Unique, Antique – whatever you want to term it.

Laugh – laugh out loud. Don’t care about the world. Be confident in who you are. Don’t be confused. Don’t be afraid. Everything you do will have both, the good and the bad impact. Just do what you love, what you want, what makes you feel good about yourself and accept the results graciously.

Make mistakes. Make a lot of them. Learn from them. But don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t bind yourself to limits. You are limitless just like your dreams. All you need to do is ask. And ask you must!

Be a positive person. Have a heart of Gold. Forget and Forgive – Everybody has their own shit going on. So don’t take it to your heart. Just dream and smile. The world is an amazing place to be, to learn, to love, to live. Be in the moment. Breathe. Nothing is too bad. Nothing is too good. It just is.

Let your hair down. Do what you love. Love people around you. Recognise how amazing they are. See the positive in all. Value them. Give them the most precious gift – your time. Listen to them. Talk to them. Respect them. In the end, the whole of life is about relations.

Close your eyes and have a dream. A dream of your perfect little world. Believe in the dream. Act your dream. Be patient. And I promise – you are already living in your perfect world – Just as you dreamt.


4 responses to “DREAM – How Real it can get!”

  1. Such soothing words


    1. Thank you Zalak. i am glad my words carry that effect!


  2. Its brings positivity into me when i read it, good work!!!


    1. Thank you so much Shiyas. Positivity is the Motto!


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