Uncaging the past

Past is to learn from, they say,
And we take lessons from the ghosted days;
We quote it and unquote it everyday;
And constantly refer to it in every way.

What if all we are doing is getting anchored?
Letting our past experiences define our futures;
In the name of lessons, we hold on to much more?
To hurt and pain, the troubles in our yore?

We think we moved on from that day,
Yet we keep thinking what have may;
Keep repeating the scenarios in our head;
Under the pretense of lessons we read.

The opposite of love is not hate,
Only indifference is the solution, mate;
The day when it no longer knocks our mind,
Is the day when you are truly free, you’ll find.

4 responses to “Uncaging the past”

  1. Thats y its truly said

    Past is a beautiful place to visit but a the worst place to stay…
    vvvv well written


  2. Rightly Said. Nicely Written. Perfectly Conveyed.


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